Alinco Dr-03T

This page will show you the extended RX/TX mod for the DR-03T.



now for the mod:

To open TX from 26 mhz to 40 mhz remove bottom cover locate blue jumper protruding from front panel snip jumper, tape ends to prevent shorting. Hold the FUNCTION button while powering on. All the items on the screen will be displayed at the same time. Release the FUNCTION  button and the unit will say “INITIAL” . You now have extended RX/TX.

Note unit does not lock on TX for entire band and receive appears to fall off as you go higher in freq. You might need to re-tune the radio for best tx and rx may be required depending on frequency. (Did you really think the radio was going to operate the entire 26-40 MHZ??)


This is the Blue jumper located right behind the front panel.


Just cut it.

Reassemble the radio and then set the step to 5KHZ.