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Club Commission Program 

One of the benefits of being an ARRL Affiliated Club is that you can receive a commission for recruiting new ARRL members and securing timely ARRL membership renewals. The commission structure for this program has been updated, and the process has changed to make things easier for the clubs. The new procedure involves all membership dues being sent to ARRL for processing, prior to the club receiving a commission payment directly from ARRL. The complication of adjusting funds around credit cards, checks, and cash has been eliminated. ARRL is now responsible for all of the processing. As a result, your club could earn money while promoting the many benefits and programs of ARRL, to help ensure that the amateur radio hobby is protected and continues to grow.

Additionally, the commission rate has changed. Now, clubs will receive $15 for each new membership or lapsed membership (of 2 years or more). For renewing members, clubs will now receive $5. There is no limit to the amount that a club can earn in this program.

Club leadership is encouraged to let their membership know that the club can benefit from this program. Only regular memberships are eligible for commission. Life, International, Family, Blind, and Student memberships are ineligible for commission.

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