WANTED: Local Hams to get on the 146.880 repeater. On May 20th There is going to be a group of scouts going for their Radio Merit Badge at St. Leo University. For them to qualify, each scout will need to talk to at least 5 hams over the radio.

The East Pasco Amateur Radio Society is looking to help them achieve this goal with the use of the club's repeater.

We need about 10 Ham radio operators to sign up and let me know that they will b



e willing to get on the repeater and talk to them.

The time of the event is roughly 2pm on the 20th. All you have to do is check in with the Net Control Station -TBA- and ask the scout some questions. How the Weather, What is your favorite sport, simple questions. For most of them this will be the very first time they have ever been exposed to Amateur Radio. So lets see if they catch the "Ham radio bug" and show some interest in our hobby.

How to Sign up?

You can email me aa4cb@yahoo.com

-OR tell me at our regular weekly Club breakfast/meeting.

This is going to be a great public service event for the kids.

I would like to thank Charlie-K2CMC and Josh-KO4VVX for allowing us, EPARS, the opportunity to participate in this scouting event.


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The East Pasco Amateur Radio Society holds a general NET on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 PM on our 2 Meter repeater, at 146.880 MHz. The PL is 146.2 . The net consists of check-ins, traffic, Swap'n'Shop, and Amateur Radio NewsLine ™. All Amateurs are welcome to check in to this net!

If you are a EPARS club member and you would like to be a net control operator, contact Chris, AA4CB. netcontrol@eparsonline.org He will get you into the schedule and supply you with any material you may need.

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On Thursday night we have a digital C4FM

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WinLink at St.Leo University

The KM4YGV-10 St Leo WINLINK gateway is up and running at St Leo. 145.030.
Winlink Packet and VARA-FM work good. NEEDS YOUR TESTING!!! East Side, West Side Central, Brooksville Springhill etc. I know the gadget works just wanna know how far. I'm gonna share this on the surrounding counties pages in hopes those folks will connect.

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Amateur radio allows individuals to connect across the airwaves to other communities, cities and even countries! Unfortunately, radio equipment can be more costly. Amateur (or the nickname HAM) radio operators can help provide communications in times of disasters or when other communications go down. Radios don’t require an monthly service plan, like cell phones or internet, yet, can provide the same type of communication through texting, emailing, or voice. As an Ham operator, you can even listen to or talk with astronauts on the International Space Station! 

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EPARS not only works to promote amateur radio in the community through its various programs but it also provides actual technology such as both analog and digital repeater systems to its membership and other amateurs of the local community. Again the ability of EPARS to make available these technology services on a regular basis is again also directly proportional to the financial support it receives from amateur radio operators like yourself.