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Yaesu “System Fusion” digital/analog voice repeater

Yaesu USA VP Dennis Motschenbacher K7BV gave a presentation at the 2013 TAPR DCC. He gave details about the new Yaesu DR-1 digital/analog voice repeater for the Yaesu FT-1DR and FTM-400DR radios. It looked like Dennis was a little of his depth considering the technical TAPR DCC audience but you can certainly tell that Dennis was excited about the new repeater offering coming from Yaesu.

The System Fusion product bulletin can be downloaded here

The DR-1 certainly looks interesting. Colour touch LCD screen, dual band (2m and 70cm), 50W output power.

System Fusion glossy brochure

I’m waiting on more technical details on the Yaesu over-the-air digital protocol and how the HRI-200 internet linking will work. I would hope that linking will be user controllable as Dplus, Dextra, DCS is for D-Star and IRLP/Echolink/AllStarLink for FM people. No word on if the concept of reflectors will be a reality for System Fusion.

The C4FM modulation probably means that it will be possible to build modems to work with System Fusion and potentially have home-brew Hot Spots as well. It would be nice if Yaesu not only allowed this but actively encouraged it.

 A group focusing on Yaesu System Fusion technology has been created. 

The group will cover & discuss Yaesu System Fusion technology and Dual Band C4FM / FDMA Digital products 
including FT1D Handheld Transceiver, FTM-400D Mobile Transceiver, DR-1 Dual-Mode Repeater and WIRES-X & HRI-200 Internet Interface. 

You can join the Yaesu System Fusion group at:

Look forward to your participation in the group.

More info on Yaesu Digital radios click on radio below.



The Yaesu DR-1 is a full featured C4FM/FM dual band repeater/base station. And unlike many other repeaters, the DR-1 handles conventional FM and C4FM digital transmission. The Yaesu System Fusion technology features the AMS – Automatic Mode Select function that instantly recognizes whether the signal is C4FM digital or conventional FM and automatically switches to match the received mode. The front panel features a full color 3.5 inch, high luminescence TFT touch screen display. The rear panel features AC input and backup DC input.

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