Homebrew it!!

On this page you will find an assortment of projects that you can build.


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Cubical Quad Antennas

How to build a 2 meter cubical quad antenna plus additional information for building larger HF and CB radio quad antennas.

Six Meter Delta Loop Antenna

1:1 Balun for HF Dipole

Iphone to Icom HT Digi interface

J-Pole Antenna for 440 Mhz (70cm)

Weather Station Solar Radiation Shield

70 cm Yagi antenna

6m/2m/70cm Yagi Antenna

Ham radio 6 meter, 2 meter and 70 cm tri-band yagi antenna.

My QRP “go kit” backpack with IC-703

Portable Satellite Antenna

Working FM Satallites with homemade antenna

$4.00 Satallite antenna

6 meter copper j-pole


SIX meter LFA Yagi Build

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