2014 Gran Fondo




DATE: Tue Dec 2 10:53:02 EST 2014

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all. I just received an email this morning regarding this year’s running of the Gran Fondo which benefits the Pasco County Sheriff’s Department Explorer Post. This will be the third year we have been asked to assist with communications on the course. Those that have helped with the previous two races realize this event has three separate routes running through Pasco and Hernando Counties with the shortest being 35 Miles in length and the longest 100 Miles. We can use lots of help. We need folks to serve at specific locations and we also can use help with SAGs plus three Tailgunners. Last year Bear, KF4ORW, did an outstanding job as the Tailgunner on the 100 Mile course and I hope he’ll offer to do the same this year as he runs APRS from his vehicle. That helps us know where the tip o’ the dog is located at any given time. Any others with APRS in the vehicle wishing to cover the other two courses please let that interest be known.

I know many of you have contacts in the other counties of the WCF Section that may be interested in helping or even riding in this event. If you can share this info with them it will be appreciated. Those wishing to help please email me at n3os@arrl.net and please be sure to provide preferred email address, cell number and shirt size when contacting me.

By now you should be wondering when and where the Gran Fondo is this year… Well, as in the past two years this race is run on a SUNDAY rather than a Saturday. There is a good reason for this. . . SAFETY. Less vehicular traffic according to studies. The SUNDAY is MARCH 29th, 2015.
Times: 0700 – 1800 at the very latest. Most will be gone much earlier in the day. If you can help later in the day please let me know that. Starting times for the “later locations” is later than 0700 as well.

The START/FINISH has changed this year, but much of the course(s) remain the same running up into Hernando and Floral City in Citrus County before returning to Downtown San Antonio in Pasco. Previously PHCC (2013) and Downtown Dade City (2014) were the Start/Finish locations. Variety is the spice of life…

You can check out the courses, (100M, 55M, and 35M) by going to the following links:




Based upon the number of volunteers and the amount of time each can provide I shall make the assignments. Those wishing to perform the same duties as last year please let me know where you want to be this year. We have four aid stations, 3 Tailgunners, and then SAGS if aid station assignments have been covered. As I said, we can use plenty of help.

Thanking you in advance,

Gary, N3OS

Have questions? Shoot me an email as soon as possible. TNX AGN.