Field Day 2011




Field Day 2011 was held at Saint Leo University. We want to thank all those who visted, participated and volunteered their time to make it a success. We especially want to thank Faye and Bob once again for the great food and hard work. Also thanks to Merrill, WK2G for once again providing his super contesting skills.

Those who attended: Ken-KF4EE, Jeff-KJ4LDE, Bear-KF4ORW, Dave-KJ4UUY, Gary- N3OS, Bob-K4IW, John-KI4QMK, Chris-N2KBK, Kim-KU4OT, Duane-N4WDH, John-WA4JM, Gloria-KD4NLE, Geoff-WB3JUZ, Frank-KU4EY, Linda-KF4LFH, Merrill-WK2G, Tom-KA1UGH, Mike-N2KNW, Joe-KB3LIU,David-N4DLW and Ted.

Those who operated: Bear-KF4ORW (phone), Duane-N4WDH (digital), Gary-N3OS (gota), Kim-KU4OT (phone), John-WA4JM (phone), Geoff-WB3JUZ (cw & phone) and Merrill-WK2G (cw).

Food Prep: Faye and Bob Inderlied.

Host: Saint Leo University, Frank Mezzanini.


Approaching weather over Lake Jovita on Saturday just before start time.


Bear-KF4ORW operating the SSB station at the rear of the Cannon Library at Saint Leo.



Duane-N4WDH far shot running D-Star. Note the homebrew j-pole antenna doing a fine job.




Another shot of the Digi Stuff




Gary-N3OS at the G.O.T.A. station.




Merrill-WK2G operating CW on 20 meters.




Off Center Fed Dipole for the 40-10 meter SSB station. Height was about 25 feet above ground. Antenna was a Carolina Windom model “80 Special.” Overall legnth is 66 feet.




Feed point of the K4TR G5RV antenna. Height above the roof was 20 feet. Actual height obove ground is about 75 feet.

This antenna was the work-horse for the CW station.




A far shot of the G5RV antenna.




Field Day Sunday morning sunrise. Looking NE toward Dade City.




Another early morning shot looking north with the new School of Business building to the left.



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